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Pediatric Home Health Care Agency

What is the Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP) ?

A Medicaid program that provide In-Home Nursing and Personal Care Services (through approved Pediatric Home Heath Agencies) to children with complex medical needs.

Who qualifies for gapp?

Children with complex medical needs under the age of 21.

If your child meets medical needs criteria, they are entitled to get in-home care services at NO COST. 

Medicaid pays 100%

Your child's in-home care services are covered as long as they meet medical needs criteria.

What if I don’t have medicaid?

No problem! A program called Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver grants Medicaid eligibility for Georgia Pediatric Program services based on your child's medical needs instead of family income.

How can I learn if my child qualifies?

Fill out the contact form & questionnaire below.

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